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Plan and manage your teams automatically and at a glance using our HR-M tool

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  • Manage your teams at a glance. Plan users on projects, benefit from a clock in & out function, make your planification visible for all your users, partners, customers

The in2see planning and booking tool covers all business sectors

As a Professional, take advantage not only of a free presence in the “WWCB” but also of a showcase made available to you free of charge to present all your products, services, events, etc. Thanks to efficient developments and a user-friendly presentation, creating your schedule has never been easier! in2see automatically takes into account all your rules, constraints in order to offer you the best planning for your organization! All data collected by you via this platform will belong to you and can be downloaded at any time via the page in question.


Managing your appointments

Monitor, manage and optimize your entire business network from a single dashboard. Convenient and instant booking for your customers with appointment confirmation and automatic reminder, powerful and efficient internal/external planning, adaptable to your needs. Thanks to in2see, making and organizing your appointments becomes child’s play! Your customers will appreciate the handling by 2 clicks! A multitude of options are at your disposal: Scenarios, Prepaid, Statistics, etc.


Detailed statistics

Monitor, manage and optimize your entire business network from a single dashboard. View your KPIs in a day-view, along with detailed insights into departments or locations.

Cash at the time of booking

The reduction of last minute cancellations is possible thanks to the prepaid system at the time of reservation; either against a deposit or for your pre-defined time or the service you have provided. Request your transfers to the bank account of your choice at any time. Any dates/reservations can be changed before actual space is taken, subject to approval by the Professional. Any appointment/reservation can be canceled within the period set by the Professional. This period guarantees the customer/patient the reimbursement of advance payments.

Our professional tools

With in2see, you can give different accesses to the tools offered (calendars, messages, statistics, etc.) to all your collaborators/partners by simple invitation using a unique and secure access code, via their personal in2see account. Take advantage of a web application that you can consult by any means of communication and from anywhere, accessible 24/7.

Appointment booking directly on your site

Add online booking options for all your services and let your customers easily book their appointments themselves, from your website, social networks, applications or others. Thanks to the organization proposed by in2see, you can improve your presence on the Internet and consequently increase your turnover.

Create your own gallery by directly inserting your products-services-events-etc. and use your online shop for free

As a professional, present directly to your online visitors what you offer! Thanks to the Gallery, your visitors can directly see, buy, rent your products, event services, etc. Improve your presence on the Internet and consequently increase your turnover. Your gallery can also be linked to the appointment and booking tool, and messaging system.

Managing your team's time

Plan your tasks easily and offer your partner employees a complete schedule. This tool also allows employees to register their presence on site. This system allows them to plan legal holidays, inform about sick leaves, or other absences. In a few clicks, you access the data and check the hours worked or establish your payslips.


The protection and security of personal data is our top priority. Therefore we strictly adhere to the rules of the GDPR. The data that is collected by in2see is occasionally your email and your mobile phone number. However, this data cannot be assigned to a specific person. All other data that is requested by professionals themselves via our platform, e.g. when making an appointment, belongs solely to the professional and is also stored solely in his account. You can request the deletion of your private data at any time from a professional who must then also respond to your request. The deletion must then be carried out by the professional.

The protection of the environment is very important to us and we are constantly striving to adapt to new environmentally friendly approaches. This also applies to the initial decision as to where we run our platform and how we store the data. We made a well-considered decision in favor of AWS because AWS offers us everything from a single source. Our systems are saved redundantly so that you can never lose data. And should a machine (server) fail, the worst take over. The power supply is of course fed from recyclable sources and meets all environmental protection labels.

To protect our professional users, we offer fixed prices. These are not affected by economic fluctuations during the rental period. A professional user rents a tool for a specific time window (one month, 12 months, 5 years) and thus always receives the same price as initially stated. After this specified time, the customer is then suggested the new price and can then decide whether he wants to continue using the tool or not. The professional user is always allowed to adjust his prices for e.g. appointments.

All of our tools are designed so that you can configure them yourself in just a few steps. After configuring, you can then define yourself how long you want to use this tool. Our tools are constantly being adapted and are therefore becoming more and more efficient. In just a few steps to your goal is our biggest challenge that we face every day. Since every sector/industry has different needs, we have created basic templates with our partners from different sectors/industries that you can use. If these don’t suit your needs, you can configure your own tool to suit you. If this is not possible, please contact us. We like to develop new ideas and bring them to the public good.

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Our tool can be used in every area or sector.
To this end, we are constantly working on improvements.
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We are constantly expanding our existing network of partners and development cooperations. In addition to our products and services, we also stand for sustainability and are therefore interested in long-term partnerships based on mutual benefit. We are looking for other good business partners who share our passion for managing modern environment and energies. Partners who want to shape the future of secure and simplified data processing with us in order to create a better world.

Win your money on in2see also as:

Contact mediator

Each private user, being logged into his account, can send invitations to his own contacts via email or SMS. In the message to the contact, a unique number will be sent which will be used to link your contact to you when you create an account. Should this contact then become a professional customer and generate monthly sales, you will each earn a commission.

Sales Partner

After extensive training, advise your professional end customers about the IN2see platform and their possibilities to work with the platform. We link the sales partner to a percentage rate that enables him to run his own business based on sales.

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