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General Guide to setup your in2see gate

You have an professional Activity?

You want to start your free promotion?

For Professionals

Everybody with an account can create for free professional profile(s), according to his needs:
  • Promote yourself, your business, your association for free on the "WWCB"
  • Insert your personalized links to your specific pages over your free ad on the "WWCB"
  • Offer appointments, places, etc. in your area to your customers (users). These customers can book easily their appointments or reserve their places on your business in only 2 clicks
  • Promote, sell, rent, share all your Products, Services and Events with your customers at a glance over the Gallery Shop
  • Create secured messages to your employees over your account, mail in/out, SMS in and out
  • Manage your employees at a glance. Plan employees on projects, benefit from a clock in & out function, make your planification visible for all your employees, partners, customers as you need

Setup your Professional Profile

Inserted a business sector – Inserted a business areaInserted a specification in which you are active. + to add up to tree categories in which you can be entered into WWCB to are found from your visitor. (If ever your activity is not available, please note it on “”) Fill in the name of your professional activity, The legal form of your activity (S.A. – S.à r.l. – A.S.B.L.- ..) The administrative register number The VAT number. Inserted a biography on your activity.

If you have more then one profile, you can inform witch profile is the main from a other, or lefe blanc if you have 2 or more different profiles

Professional Profile Adresse data

Insert your exact address so that your customers can find you easily. (Please choose the address in the Google maps proposals.)

Professional Profile Contact data

Insert your contact details (After choosing an address, the platform inserts the prefix of this country. Of course you can change it if necessary.) Your email address: you can either show it to the general public, or hide it and request a forwarding of the message via in2see to your email address. If you have other phone numbers you want to insert, you can do that at the bottom in “Add contact numbers”.

Professional Profile Logo pictures and languages

Insérer votre logo and additional photos you want to show(present) to your Public.

Also you can informe the languages spocken in your activity.

Professional Profile opening hours and exceptions

Insert your opening hours You also have the option of working during different hours between weeks. At this time, you must create several weeks and then indicate the start date. You can fill in the closing days p. ex. a date x for an unusual event. You can fill in the exceptional opening days for p. ex. open door, working holidays…

Professional Profile sumit data and promoting in WWCB

inally, you will register your profile and publish it in the WWCB For each additional profile you can define whether this profile will be a main profile or an affiliate profile of another already existing profile. Therefore you can also choose whether your next profile will be published in the WWCB or not.

What can see your visitor / registred user

Over the "World Wide Contact Book"
Your Page on in2see
For subscribt user
For visitors
Device Slider

A subscribe User can take make book …. all in 2 clicks He can allso read a email to the professional he can joint him in the favorite from user or can informe in2see over a detail was important to controle. in2see will contact the professional in order to bring the note to a good end for everyone

Visitors can only see Profiles, but dont can do any actions.

The Menu from Professional Profile


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My Schedulers

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Returne to Privat

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My Statistiks

invite a contact

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Earn Money over in2see as business Provider

Sales Partner

After extensive training, advise your professional end customers about the IN2see platform and their possibilities to work with the platform. We link the sales partner to a percentage rate that enables him to run his own business based on sales.

Your benefits as professional!

Your professional visibilies are free for everybodys 24/24h et 7/7d on the place to be the World Wide Contact Book (You can ad all your profile you need expl. for yourself, for your business, for your association for free)

With your professional Profile you can use our different tool for free or a monthly fee. All tools are useble for every branche Sektor or specification.

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