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General Guide to setup your In2see "Account - Profile & Tools"

Step 1. Create your Anonyme Account on

Step 1.1 Insert your email, mobile phone number and Password

Step 1.2 Validate your Phone Number an SMS CODE

Step 1.3 Validate your Email adresse

For In2see your account always remains anonymous. We usually register you with an email address and mobile phone number. We need this to reach you. All subsequently requested dates always refer to the person who is requesting you. This means that a professional with whom you make an appointment can easily ask for your name, address or anything else. The person can also make this data compulsory. However, this data then only belongs to this professional. In2see has no access to this data. If you ever find yourself in a situation where you no longer want to leave your data with one or another professional, you can request that your data be deleted from the professional. They then have to decide for themselves whether they can delete the data in their professional profile or not. In2see has no handling of this data as it is encrypted and belongs to the professionals.

Step 2. Login to your account

Step 2.1 Insert your login and Password

Step 2.2 Insert your login, password and code

If it's your first login you must be enter email and PW
If you have forgot your PW please click on Forgot PW
En email was sent to you to recreate a new password.

If your have also configurate your
account with a 2FA , you must be enter
the also the code of your 2FA. If your
2FA are ok, you can reset the 2FA

Step 3. Setup your account

Step 3.1 What is your account

Step 3.2 What can you do with your account

Step 3.3 Work with your account

Your account permit you to manage all your requests on appointments reservations over a secured place online. To take an appointment pleace view thw world wide contact book to find your professional. To take your account altime secured, you can insert a free 2FA over your mobile phone. In your settings you can setup all your preference.

Your account permite you to see all professionals over the glance and to take your appointment / Reservations directly over 2 clicks. This Account permit you also to are informed over your scheduler if a Professional have according your appointment, or have accepte a reservation.
in case if you have also a professional activity you can directly create your professional profile to promote yourself, your business, your association. for free in the world wide contact book

Your account permite you to work for Professionals as privat user! A Professional can invite you to work for him and this Professional can give access to here tools dirctly over in2see.

Settings setup for your account

You can insert your first name, last name and adresse if you need, Or if you want to belive annonyme dont insert this data.  Browser notification can be granted if you want all changes to be notified via your browser. Settings: you can choose your preferred currency, what day your week starts on for you, how you want to sort your dates and add holidays for your country/region.

Password Change

Click on Change password and you will be able to change your password

Account Data

In your basic settings will be included under “Data” the data that you must enter when making actions. Once this data will be stored in your space. In case you want to delete this data, you can do it easily. Please note: of course, this deleted data will no longer be available if you make a new actions. The data requested by the professionals is their responsibility and they are free to request the data they want, as long as it has a relationship with their services subsequently offered (for example: a doctor can ask for your registration number or date of birth to be able to find you in its client list.) So this data was visible for you in your account.

If you want to continue in the next step to create your professional Profile, please note you must be enter your birthday date. Under 18 no Professional Profile is accepting


As far as security is concerned, we offer you 2FA double authentication by your preferred method to select. Select your prefer OTP and scan your qr code, enter the code and and activate your securety. Now the system request all time you want to login to your account the number of your 2FA.

Step 4. Work with your account!

"Search Professionals over the World Wide Contact Book"
Make your appointments, take your Reservations, Book your events in only 2 clicks,
Buy, Rent, Share Products / Services from Professionals,
Let you invite from a Professional to work with/for him. See your working plans, reserve holiday and informe of sickness or absence.

Go to WWCB “World Wide Contact Book”  you can find all professionals contacts already registered on in2see. You have different posibilities to research your professionals. Over country,  Over Catégories, over name,….

All Professionals can select in witch 3 catégories he want to promote here professional activity. He can informe all here contact data there important for the Public user. After publishing the information was visible for everybody. If the Professional user use our tools the privat user can profite from a all in one solution an he can make here appointments, take here reservations, or book here events directly over only 2 clicks.

Over the in2see tools the professional can insert directly the posibilities of direct links to here personlized pages, Appointment and reservation system, Gallery shop ….

Over in2see all professional have also the posibilities to invite a privat to work with him over this same platforme. In this constellation hi can give accesses with rigths on a tool to accepte your conection on him. So you can work as employees, Partner,… on the same envioronment until licence costs. In case if you are invited by a Professional to work for or with him, you receive this invitation over email. This email have also a code to insert in join a Professional. Automatically the system autorised you to see what the Professional have accord. Also your appointment planner that you can use for all your appointments and reservations. Whether you just want to see your appointments now or change or cancel an appointment/reservation, everything is possible.

Step 5. Your Privat Scheduler

In your agenda, you will find all your appointment requests with the current status: “Pending”, “Accepted”, “Rejected”, “Cancelled”. It depends on the type of appointment chosen by the professional and whether he has given his consent for the system to manage his appointments automatically or not. In your agenda you have the possibility to change the views of 10 min. at 1 o’clock as well as the daily, weekly and monthly view. Each appointment is also included in a drop-down list below the agenda. An appointment, reservation or event pre-pay or not can are modified/cancel if the professional accord. Attention all professional can insert different take place times, this time All reservation can be modified or canceled by the user as the Professionals until a time defined by the professional when creating the type of appointment. If the professional requests an amount x for his appointment or his reservation that you must pay by credit card in advance, you can cancel it up to xx hours (deadline defined by the professional) before taking space. After this period, a cancellation is no longer possible because your payment will be transferred to the professional directly. in2see is only responsible for reimbursement up to xx hours (deadline defined by the professional) before the actual appointment is made. Attention if you have pay for an appointment, in2see garantie you the return to your account automatically by canceling. By modify your appointment time, your pay amount rest on remeins for the new appointment.

user agenda

Day View

user agenda

Month View

user agenda

Week View

Step 7. How to continue

If you have a professional activity, or if you want to manage humans, create your professional profiles for yourself, your business, your organization and promote them for free on the “World Wide Contact Book” WWCB.

In Order to join a professional, they have to invite you first! You will then receive an e-mail from IN2see with a code. Please enter this code after clicking on “Join Pro Profile” and then you will have access to the Shared Scheduler /Statistics, … The pro can give your different rigths to her tools.

Step 7.1 Create your own professional profile

Page 1-6

Anyone who has a private account can also create a professional profile if necessary in order to promote themselves, their company or their Association for free.

A professional, no matter what industry they work in, can then use our tools to make their life easier. Create a professional profile

Page 2-6

For the first page you must be search in witch categorie you want to be present in the future over the WWCB. You can select mores under catégories

Insert your basic data of your Profile Name VAT N°, Business registration N°, Legal Form, and your Biographie nor a simple explication of your reason.

If you have more that one profile you find a case to informe if one of this profile is placed under an other or if this to profiles are 2 different professional structures.

Page 3-6

Here you can enter your direct phone and email. So you can give it visible or not that your choose.aresse. Please select the propose of google maps and click on it to insert to your profile.

for everybody or you can dicide if you want to show or not. The email adersse you can translate over the in2see

Page 4-6

On this page you can define the logo of your business /association and you can insert photos if you want to let see your visitors more of your business, Association. To do that take a logo/photo on PNG/JPEG an put it on the drag an drop field.

Also you can inform your visitors of the language are speking  in your structure. Select the spoken languages on the list

Page 5-6

On this page you can define your opening hours of your business, association. if you have different hours frome week to week you can start with a fix day an you can informe all week separatly

You can also inform of the days closed on the year exemple Global holiday, or the exeption opening hours for Example  open housing hours… On the bas of your account you can choose witch countries you want to ad as leagal holiday. If you have accept a contry you can now choose if you want to open this leagal days or you can ad more day whaere you want to informe a spacial opening. Your WWCB Visitor can see directly over the opening toime if you are open or close.

Attention here you change only the hours of opening of your Business. His hours are not in combination with worked hours or appointments hours. all tool have here specifique opening or closing hours.

Page 6-6


On this page you can see how your free ad was integrate in the WWCB The comunety of Professionals

GO to WWCB and you can inspect what everybody can see 

You can change adapt everytime.


As Professional you can now rent tools from in2see and you can invited contact to work with you over the same profile on in2see. monthly or annually our tools

Link tool

Appointment & reservation tool

Gallerie tool

Communication tool

Human resources Management tool

This tool allows you to link all your websites server addresses, cloud addresses in your free advertising in the WWCB. This means your visitors can have direct access to the pages you link to.

This tool allows you to create complete appointment management. You can adapt the appointment type to your needs and integrate it into the appointment calendar. Your visitors can then immediately make an appointment with you via this page in the WWCB in just 2 clicks

This tool allows you to create a store that you can use as an internal ordering system for products or services. You can attach the gallery to an appointment & reservation tool to make it even more distinctive

This tool allows you to have secure communication, which can also be sent and received via email or SMS if necessary.

This tool allows you to design workflow plans. You can then assign these plans to partners who will then provide staff based on your plans. Or you can carry out these plans yourself with your staff. To do this, you must enter your employees in the contacts and assign them the desired rights. Worker or Manager You design the rights as you wish and thus give your employees rights to tools to do certain work during their working hour

See more here on the IN2see Insider Tools

Ad your contacts

Anyone can also be invited by a professional. If the professional uses our tools, he can release them for certain purposes. E.g. An Appointment & Reservation tool can be released for a secretary who takes care of the appointments and reservations. If this professional also uses our HR M tool, he can create a work plan where he limits access to the employees’ working hours.

Add contact

The contacts can be ad from The Professional Administrator or the Manager directly under add contact or over your Appointment and reservation tool. Here you can according to insert the contact datas directly in your contact data base if anyone take an appointment by you.

You can give different rigths for tools, labels, and you can manage this contacts on the next time.

A contact can be ad as simple Worker or as Manger! The manager can have rigths to manage the worker in the future time

Change the status from contact to Worker/Manager

Over the edit contacts, you can define if your contact is a

simple Worker

The worker habe basic rights to work on your profile

Worker Manager

The Worker / Manager have more rigths an can according to manage Contacts/Workers, can receive rigths for statistics, an can have rigths to manage the workplan holidays sickness, ……


Define the file structure of your Workers documents

To work with your Partners, Employees,.. you have alltime exchanges of files: bill, payrolls, contracts, varius documents... On this place you can create a file structur to to share with or to transmit with here.

Files Exchange

The files structuctur give you the possibilitie to contacts can be ad from The Professional Administrator or the Manager directly under add contact or over your Appointment and reservation tool. Here you can according to insert the contact datas directly in your contact data base if anyone take an appointment by you.

Define the Vacation Types you need to offer to your Workers/Managers

Vacation Structure

You can define youself your vacation structure to respect the legal instructions of your country how you want to count the different Vacation types you want to present to your Partner/ Employees.... This vacations typs are present to your Partner / Employees to take here Legal Holidays, informe of sickness, informe of other absence an how this absence/holiday are count in the future.

Vacation Groups

You can autorised a numbers of humans per group to take holiday on the same time. Create group name it and define your stuff to join this group. Autorised how many humans can take on same time a holiday. If you want to accord one after another you enter 1 on your group, if you want to according two together in same time, you enter 2. This means that the requester will immediately delete this position for the vacation request.ith the first vacation request, all positions will be available for vacation requests and with the second, these positions will no longer be bookable. In the second case, 2 can apply for vacation at the same time and the third will then no longer be able to request for these days.

Define the Vacation Types you need to offer to your workers

Contract Templates

You can define youself the different typs of contract you propose in your infrastructure. to your cadidate. an by the legal instructions of your country how you want to count the different Vacation you want to present. This vacations typs are already diponible for your Worker /Manger to take here Legle Holidays, informe of sickness, informe of other holiday an how this holiday are count in the future.

Worker/Manger Order

You can define youself your logic in witch order you want to see your employees, Partners, ect.....

Step 7.2 Join a professional

If you have receive your email of invitation from in2see, of any Professional.

In your email you have more details about what you are invited Worker/Manager from witch company.  

Login to you account, go to pro and join the Pro, Look if you have a code for worker or manager and insert him. Automatically you are in exchange with this datas. Attention a code can only are insert in one account. You can have more codes of different Professionals. You can also everytime create youself you Professional Profile if you have a Professional activiti or if you want to work with our tools.


first select

at the next time go to Pro Profiles and tools